FH/TU Dortmund, 14-15 February 2019

Organizers: Sonja Kuhnt and Daniel Plaumann

The workshop is supported by TU Dortmund and through SFB 823 Statistical modelling of nonlinear dynamic processes.


Carlos Amendola (TU München)
Eliana Duarte (Magdeburg)
Alexandros Grosdos (Osnabrück)
Thomas Kahle (Magdeburg)
Arkadius Kalka (Dortmund)
Fabio Rapallo (Alessandria)
Eva Riccomagno (Genova)
Frank Röttger (Magdeburg)
Rainer Schwabe (Magdeburg)
Piotr Zwiernik (Barcelona)



Book of abstracts


Lectures will take place on campus in
Room A.E.03 (Emil-Figge-Straße 42).

Contact and Registration

If you wish to participate, please register by email to one of the organizers.