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Workshop Mathematical Physics and Dynamical Systems 2017

The workshop will focus on current trends at the intersection of Mathematical Physics and Dynamical systems and will feature presentations by prominent speakers. In particular, it will cover the interplay between classical dynamical systems and quantum mechanical motion equations, their relation to spectral theory of operators and evolution equations, as well as the analysis of ordinary and partial differential equations.


20th (10:00 h) - 22nd (14:00 h) March 2017


TU Dortmund
Fakultät für Mathematik
Vogelpothsweg 87
44227 Dortmund

The workshop will take place on the ground floor of the mathematics tower, which is the tallest building on campus. You can also follow the signs for the audimax (auditorium maximum), which is in the same building. Registration and coffee breaks will take place in discussion room E 23, whereas the lectures will be held in room E 19.

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Invited Speakers

There will be no contributed talks but the opportunity to display posters in the discussion room E 23 where coffee breaks will take place. Participants who present a poster can obtain a written confirmation of active participation at the workshop. Anyone who wishes to present a poster should announce it while completing the registration form


both at the TU Dortmund (Chair IX: Analysis, Mathematical Physics & Dynamical Systems)

Local Support

Workshop Poster

You can download a PDF file of a poster announcing the workshop:


We gratefully acknowledge support by the Gesellschaft der Freunde der Technischen Universität Dortmund e.V.



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