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Technische Universität Dortmund
Fak. Mathematik, LS X
44221 Dortmund

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Technische Universität Dortmund
Fak. Mathematik, LS X
Vogelpothsweg 87
44227 Dortmund

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Fiona Drees (Sekretariat):
(+49) 231 / 755-5411

Prof. Dr. H. Blum:
(+49) 231 / 755-5410

Prof. Dr. Ch. Kreuzer:
(+49) 231 / 755-5425

Prof. Dr. Ch. Meyer:
(+49) 231 / 755-5412

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Summer School (September, 18 — 20, 2023)

Optimal Transport: Theory, Algorithms, Applications

funded by

DFG SPP 1962 "Non-smooth and Complementarity-based Distributed Parameter Systems: Simulation and Hierarchical Optimization”


The theory of optimal transport provides a rich mathematical background with connection to various fields in applied mathematics, among them convex analysis, duality theory, and partial differential equations. Moreover, the algorithmic treatment of optimal transport problems has made significant progress in the recent past. This is of major importance, since optimal transport problems arise in various applications such as image processing and urban planning. The summer school aims to give a broad introduction into the field of optimal transport, from theory over numerics to applications. It is primarily intended for the doctoral and postdoctoral students of the DFG SPP1962, however other interested parties may also apply to register.


The summer school will take place at the Faculty of Mathematics, TU Dortmund.

Vogelpothsweg 87,
44227 Dortmund

How to get there
There is a direct connection via local train from Dortmund main station to the university. Just take the local train S1 in direction Düsseldorf or Solingen and exit at „Dortmund Universität“.

Important Dates
Registration: until August, 18, 2023
Begin: September, 18, 2023, noon
End: September, 20, 2023, noon

There is no registration fee, but registration is mandatory. Please note that travel costs and accommodation will not be provided by us.

In order to register, please write an email to Fiona Drees.

Note that the number of participants is limited by 50. Places will be assigned in a first-come-first-serve order.

We have reserved several rooms in the B&B Hotel Dortmund City, which is located near Dortmund main station.
A hotel nearby the university is:
There are several hotels and hostels near the main station, for instance:

  • Luca Nenna - A crash introduction to optimal transport

  • Bernhard Schmitzer - Entropic regularization for optimal transport

  • Francois—Xavier Vialard - t.b.a.