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Welcome to the "new" version (v2.0) of the "Virtual Album of Fluid Motion" which is a special DVD release, with only small differences in comparison to the current Internet version.

Before you start browsing through the "movies" in the Chapter Contents, please, take a second and read the explanations in the Chapter Motivation. Additionally, if you should not have an MPEG player up to now, you might need such a tool which is in most cases downloadable via Internet. For possible problems with MPEG players under Windows, please have a look at our FAQ page under the FEATFLOW homepage.

If you are interested in the latest versions of FEATFLOW or the Virtual Album of Fluid Motion, look at the corresponding Web sites.

So, let's start with a "virtual tour" by clicking onto the single buttons or icons (for starting the corresponding MPEG videos).

Motivation Motivation
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Some final remarks concerning the partially "heterogeneous" style and outfit of the Virtual Album: During the last 6 years, many collaborators from very many countries have participated, students have contributed using different graphical tools and changing hardware, and special research highlights have been included. Since the Virtual Album is a very open and interactive project, and since the underlying FEATFLOW software is available under the Open Source license, many different personal styles and ideas could be integrated over all the years so that the Virtual Album and the FEATFLOW software are still under permanent development. We hope that the improvements will continue so that the reader has the chance to obtain new valuable tools for research and education in future, too.

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