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Pakistan-TU Dortmund Co-operation SS15

Featflow Summer School (01.06.2015–31.08.2015)

The Institute for Applied Mathematics invites applications from M.Sc/M.Phil students from Pakistan for three months participation in the summer school offered at TU Dortmund Germany.


Male/Female students with sixteen year of education or final semester of their study program in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or Computer Science. Basic knowledge of Matlab, Fortran, Numerics for PDEs, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Method (FEM) and Iterative Solvers is mandatory.

Probation period (01.03.2015–31.5.2015)

During this time the accepted student should keep in contact with a co-worker/co-supervisor at TU Dortmund. It is expected that selected applicants should become familiar with basic shell command of Linux Operating System, MATLAB and go through the Devisor Grid3, GMV and Paraview manuals, which can be downloaded from the documentations and software section of the website http://www.featflow.de/.

At TU Dortmund (01.06.2015–31.08.2015)

Selected students will attend the innovative courses, language course and Featflow lab in which use of pre/post processing tools will be taught along with the very own simulation tool Featflow. The students will write a progress report at the end of the program.


  • Last date for submission of copies of degrees, transcripts and detailed CV explaining your programming skills to solve PDEs: 15.02.2015 to Prof. Turek, Dr. Razzaq
  • Final decision date: 25.02.2015
  • Duration of the program: 01.06.2015-31.08.2015


  • Stipendium is for traveling and living expenses
  • Students will get familiar with the open source CFD simulation code FEATFLOW.
  • Students can write up part of their thesis/report