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Stefan Turek: Numerical simulation of partial differential equations

The Chair for Applied Mathematics and Numerics (LS3) of the Department of Mathematics, University of Dortmund, is headed by Prof. Dr. Stefan Turek and primarily concerned with the numerics for partial differential equations (PDEs), high performance computing and scientific computing, especially with applications in engineering sciences (fluid dynamics, structure mechanics).

The mathematical aspect of our work consists of finite element discretisations with special adaptations for convection-diffusion equations and saddle point problems like, for instance, the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations. Further on, our main interest goes for conception and realisation of fast solvers of multi grid type, domain decomposition and our special variant ScaRC.

Besides this mathematical work we strongly emphasise the development of highly efficient FEM software with special regard to hardware-oriented numerical approaches. Currently, we are working on a successor of our senior software package FEAT2D/3D and FEATFLOW as part of the FEAST project to generate a new high performance FEM tool.

Me and my - international - staff, we use such highly complex software to solve complex problems from fluid dynamics with an industrial background. The modelling mainly bases on variants of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with special extensions like, for instance, nonlinear viscosity (granular, non-newtonian, visco-elastic), fluid-structure interaction, multiphase flow with chemical reactions, free boundary value problems with solidification etc. These are used in direct industrial projects, too.