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Flow around characters

The following examples concern flows around characters.

Around the characters, the flow separates with many large and small scale structures in space and time. The complexity of the problem depends on the:

  • speed around the characters
  • viscosity
  • shape of the characters and the geometry around

A systematic variation of these different configurations is part of the following flow situations.

Software-Praktikum at Heidelberg 1998/1999

The aim of this Praktikum - which was mainly attended by Mathematicians...d particularly by students from Physics in the first or second year - was the simulated flow around some special characters, mainly due to the initials of the participants. The main tasks of this FEATFLOW-Praktikum were to get familiar with the `new' mesh generator DEVISORGRID1.0 and with the `new' graphics tool GMV (General Mesh Viewer). Both tasks have been successfully solved by most of the students!!!
For the corresponding details, look at the single pages!!!

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