For all packages the complete source code is included. See our documentation page for a comprehensive list of postscript or HTML documentations.
For version specific notes check the readme.txt files inside of the packages.


Name Language Size Download
FEATFLOW 1.3RC11 Fortran77 about 6.7 MB featflow1.3RC11.tar.gz
FEATFLOW 1.3RC10 Fortran77 about 6.1 MB featflow1.3RC10.tar.gz
CC2D tutorial files Fortran77 about 500 kB cc2d-tutorial.tar
FEATFLOW 1.3RC9 Fortran77 about 6.1 MB featflow1.3RC9.tar.gz
Modified SVEB.F for faster 2D refinement.
Replaces old SVEB.F in the libraries/feat2d/src folder.
Fortran77 about 14 KB sveb.f
FEATFLOW 1.3RC8 Fortran77 about 6.1 MB featflow1.3Rc8.tar.gz
FEATFLOW 1.3RC3 Fortran77 about 6 MB featflow1.3RC3.tar.gz
FEATFLOW 1.2 (current version d) Fortran77 about 4 MB featflow1.2d.tar.gz
FEATFLOW 1.2 (preliminary version c) Fortran77 about 4 MB featflow1.2c.tar.gz
FEATFLOW 1.2 (preliminary version b) Fortran77 about 4 MB featflow1.2b.tar.gz
FEATFLOW 1.2 (preliminary version a) Fortran77 about 4 MB featflow1.2a.tar.gz
FEATFLOW 1.1 Fortran77 about 3 MB featflow1.1.tar.gz

Postprocessing and Visualization Tools

Name Download
GMVMPEG 3.0 tools gmvmpeg3 and examplary shell script
GMVPT 1.29 tools gmvpt1.29.tar
GMVPT 1.0 tools gmvpt1.0.c
GMVPT 1.1 tools gmvpt1.1.tar
GMVPT 1.2 tools gmvpt1.2.tar
GMV/FEATFLOW tools gmv.tar.gz
GMV/GENPAL tools genpal.tar.gz
GMVDIFF tool gmvdiff.tar.gz
GMV visualization tool (external link) GMV
VTK/FEATFLOW tools vtk.tar.gz
DeViSoR Grid 3.x – documentation