The software packages FEAT2D/FEAT3D

The original progam package FEAT is a general purpose subroutine system for the numerical solution of partial differential equations by the finite element method. The package part FEAT2D is designed to handle problems in two space dimensions, while the part FEAT3D handles the 3D case.

FEATxD provides tools for typical tasks as:

  • domain description
  • mesh generation (triangles, quadrilateral, hexahedrals, tetraeders)
  • finite element shape functions (conforming, nonconforming, constant, linear ...)
  • generation of matrices and load vectors
  • boundary conditions
  • numerical solution (simple Richardson iterations, CG-like solvers, multigrid tools, ...)
  • error evaluation
  • graphical postprocessing

It can be applied in

  • Scalar elliptic boundary value problems of 2nd and 4th order,
  • Mixed problems with saddlepoint character
  • Linear and nonlinear systems of equations,
  • Time dependent problems,
  • ...

FEAT has been successfully applied in problems arising from elasticity, neutron transport, and particularly for CFD problems. For the mathematical background of these applications see the web pages of the FEATed people and/or our paper archive. A comprehensive documentation for the 2D and 3D versions can be found in and

FEAT is not a user oriented system, it only provides subroutines for several main steps in a finite element program. The user should be familiar with the mathematical formulation of the discrete problems. The data structure of FEAT is transparent so that modifications or augmentations of the program package are very easy. Moreover sample programs for standard applications are included. These can be used as starting programs which can be modified for the current application.