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Fakultät für Mathematik

Practical Information for guests

How to come to the Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department of the TU Chemnitz is located in the Reichenhainer Str. 39/41.

If you arrive by bus No. 51, you will have to get off the bus at the stop 'TU Reichenhainer Str.' which is located in from of the building indicated as `B-Bau'. The stops of the bus line 51 are listed here.

The train connections from Chemnitz Südbahnhof to Chemnitz Mitte are listed here. The returns are here.


If you book a hotel in Chemnitz yourself, you will be able to make use of the special rates offered by some hotels to visitors of the TU Chemnitz. We list them below for two hotels which have convenient access to the Mathematics department. Please note that sometimes the rates when you book online on the hotel webpage are lower than the ones offered to the TU Chemnitz.

GÜNNEWIG Hotel Chemnitzer Hof 4*S

Theaterplatz 4, 09111 Chemnitz
Tel.: 0371/68 40
Fax: 0371/6 76 25 87
E-Mail: chemnitzer.hof@guennewig.de
Internet: www.guennewig.de

Komfort Superior Breakfast
62,00€ 89,00€ 89,00€ 109,00€ inclusive

("EZ"=Einzelzimmer/Single room; "DZ"=Doppelzimmer/Double room)

Reservations should be made under the keyword „Technische Universität Chemnitz“.

Seaside Residenz Hotel Chemnitz 4*

Bernsdorfer Straße 2, 09126 Chemnitz
Tel.: 0371-35510, Fax: 0371-3551122
E-Mail: info@residenzhotelchemnitz.de
Internet: www.seaside-hotels.de

Standard Business Frühstück
56,00 74,00 71,00 91,00 inklusive

("EZ"=Einzelzimmer/Single room; "DZ"=Doppelzimmer/Double room)

Reservations should be made under the keyword „Technische Universität Chemnitz“.

Where to eat?

There are several possibilities to have lunch at Reichenhainer Straße:


Some guidelines concerning financial issues

If there have been made arrangements to reimburse your travel expenses the following documents might be useful for you. If you are staying up to two nights, this form needs to be filled in and signed. If you are staying longer than two nights, this form needs to be completed and signed. Please give the forms to

Jana Hilber
Reichenhainer Str. 41, Zimmer 713
09126 Chemnitz
Telefon 531- 37389
Fax 531- 22409
E-Mail: jana.hilber@mathematik.tu-chemnitz.de

If arrangements have been made to reimburse your travel expenses for your return journey, please send your tickets as well as the title of the talk you gave to

Kerstin Seidel
Reichenhainer Str. 39, Zimmer 604
09126 Chemnitz
Telefon 531- 32654
Fax 531- 22039
E-Mail: k.seidel@mathematik.tu-chemnitz.de






TU Dortmund
Fakultät für Mathematik
Lehrstuhl IX
Vogelpothsweg 87
44227 Dortmund

Sie finden uns auf dem sechsten Stock des Mathetowers.


Janine Textor (Raum M 620)

Tel.: (0231) 755-3063
Fax: (0231) 755-5219
Mail: janine.textor@tu-dortmund.de
Di. und Do. von 8 bis 12 Uhr
Home Office:
Mo. und Fr. von 8 bis 12 Uhr