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Workshop on Dirichlet forms, operator theory and mathematical physics, co-organised by the stochastics group in Chemnitz

Workshop on Dirichlet forms, operator theory and mathematical physics

Organised by Ali Ben Amor (Gabes & Tunis), Daniel Lenz (Jena), Peter Stollmann (Chemnitz),  Ivan Veselic (Chemnitz).

Funded by DAAD

Date: December 8 - December 13 in 2012 (Arrival December 7. Departure December 14.)


Hotel Djerba Plaza (Participants should ask for the  all inclusive rate of 45 Euro/night.

The nearest airport is Djerba-Zarzis with weekly flights from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, München and  many european towns.  Transport from the airport to the Hotel will be taken care of.

Participants include: 

Moez Ayachi (Gabes), Hala Ayadi  (Bizerte),  Marwa Balti (Bizerte), Siegfried Beckus (Jena),  Hichem BelhadjAli (Tunis-ElManar),  Nedra Belhaj Rhouma (Tunis-ElManar), Khaled Ben Ali (Gabes),  Ali BenAmor (Gabes & Tunis-ElManar),  Adnene Besbes (Bizerte), Omar  Drissi (Tunis-ElManar),  Saifeddine  Ghnimi (Gafsa), Sebastian Haeseler (Jena), Marcel Hansmann (Chemnitz), Mounir Hsini (Tunis),  Abdelaziz Ilahy (Gabes),  Tarek Kenzizi (Tunis), Daniel Lenz (Jena), Mahal Mosbah (Bizerte),  Sami Mourou (Gabes), Abdelaziz Rhandi (Salerno), Reza Samavat (Chemnitz), Wahid Sayeb (Tunis-ElManar),  Marcel Schmidt (Jena),   Christian Seifert (Hamburg-Harburg),  Peter Stollmann (Chemnitz),  Nabila Torki-Hamza (Kairouan & Bizerte),  Hendrik Vogt (Hamburg-Harburg), Jürgen Voigt (Dresden).

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Moez Ayachi: Variational methods for the almost-periodic solutions in differential equations with delay.

Hela Ayadi: Spectral properties of combinatorial Schrödinger operators.

Marwa Balti: Cheeger inequality for graph Laplacians.

Siegfried Beckus: Lebesgue measure zero spectrum for Jacobi matrices of quasicrystals.

Hichem Belhadj Ali: Trace and Hilbert-Schmidt norm estimates, case of a delta sphere interaction in large coupling limit.

Nedra Belhaj Rhouma: Pointwise estimates for the ground states of some classes of positivity preserving operators.

Adene Besbes: Lattice Gas Models On Aperiodic Linearly Repetitive Tilings.

Omar Drissi: Nonradial Large Solutions for a Class of Nolinear Problems.

Saifeddine  Ghnimi: Existence and regularity of solutions for partial functional integrodifferential equations.

Sebastian Haeseler: Dirichlet forms on metric graphs.

Marcel Hansmann: Lieb-Thirring inequalities for non-selfadjoint Schrödinger operators: An overview of recent results

Abderrazak Ilahy: The Homotopic Deviation versus the Homotopic Perturbation

Sadem Megdiche: Positivity and stability of the essential spectrum of singular transport semigroups with non-vacuum Boundary Conditions.

Hsini Mounir: Liouville type theorems for nonlinear elliptic equations involving operators in divergence forms.

Sami  Mourou: Elliptic operators with complex unbounded coefficients; L^p-theory and kernel estimates.

Abdeaziz Rhandi: Kernel and eigenfunction estimates for some second order elliptic operators.

Marcel Schmidt: Global properties of Dirichlet forms in terms of Green's formula.

Christian  Seifert: Absence of absolutely continuous spectrum for radial metric tree graphs.

Nabila Torki-Hamza: On discrete magnetic Schrödinger operators.

Hendrik Vogt: A weak Gordon type condition for absence of eigenvalues of one-dimensional Schrödinger operators.

Sayeb Wahid: Existence and asymptotic behavior of boundary blow-up weak solutions for problems involving the p-Laplacian.

Everybody interested in this meeting should feel free to contact any of the organisers for further information and/or to pass on information on this meeting!



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